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RS-Digital App Cred

SKU: RS005
  • To update the quantity, select the purple “Add to Cart” button. Then, tap the shopping cart icon in the top, right corner of this screen which will take you to the “My Cart” page. Once you’re on the “My Cart” page, TAP the first section ( where it shows the product picture and says “Internet Time - Qty: 1”) and a pop up with several options should appear. Select the “change quantity” option to update the amount then proceed to checkout.

  • We do NOT require you to send us screenshots or messages when sending a donation so please refrain from doing so. This will NOT make the cashier load any faster. Please be advised we have a 15 - 30 min grace period to load/redeem each player account. WAIT TIMES MAY BE LONGER WHEN WE EXPERIENCE HIGH CUSTOMER VOLUME. Please be patient, each request will be processed in the order received🍀

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